Ceiling Lifts

Prism Ceiling Lifts

Prism ceiling lift systems provide a new sense of confidence to even the toughest patient transfers.  Our handling equipment will help to reduce the anxiety, uncertainty, and discomfort that your caregivers face when repositioning or lifting a patient. Because all of our lifts are designed with the caregivers in mind, our ceiling lift systems require only minimal effort to operated and complete the transfer. We offer Portable Ceiling Lifts and Fixed Ceiling Lifts so contact us today for more information or a quote. 

Portable Ceiling Lifts

P-300 Portable Lift

P-440 Portable Lift


P-600 Portable Lift

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift
C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift
C-625 Fixed Ceiling Lift

fixedlift4C-800 Bariatric Lift

fixedlift5 C-1000 Bariatric Lift